Laser Mirrors At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics carries laser mirrors and mirror substrates.  Rainbow Research Optics carries laser mirrors. They offer Partially Reflective Laser MirrorsHigh Energy Excimer Laser Cavity MirrorsAr-Ion Laser MirrorsRuby Laser Mirrors (694.3nm)Dual Reflective Nd:YAG/YLF Laser MirrorsDiode Laser Mirrors(670-1550nm) and more! Visit Rainbow Research Optics today for more information!

Beamsplitters At Rainbow Research Optics, Inc.

If you are searching for beamsplitters, look to Rainbow Research Optics.  High Energy, Harmonic Separators, Non-Polarizing Plate, Non-Polarizing Cube , High Energy Plate,  Dichroic, and more are all available!  Rainbow Research Optics offers additional online information to help when ordering.  Visit today, for more information about Rainbow Optics Beamsplitters, at!

Choose Rainbow Reasearch Optics For Top Quality Optical Coatings

Rainbow Research Optics offers several  Optical Coatings.  They offer Laser Line High Reflector,Broadband Multilayer AR Coating Laser Line V-Coating, Single Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating, Double-V AR Coating, 45 Degree Thin Film Polarizer Coating, or beam splitting coating, and more.  For more information visit today!

Choose Rainbow Research Optics Custom Coatings

Standard and Custom coatings are available at Rainbow Research Optics.  Their coating equipment includes resistance heated and electron beam evaporation sources. Rainbow Research Optics offers many coatings including narrow-band and broad-band AR coating, full and partial reflectors, filters, as well as beam splitter coatings.  Visit today to learn more and receive a free quote at

Rainbow Research Optics Offers Mirror Substrates

Rainbow Research Optics offers many products and services including Mirror Substrates.  Rainbow Research Optics offers their customers: Plane Mirror BlanksConvex Spherical MirrorsConcave Spherical MirrorsSquare MirrorsRectangular Mirrors, and Elliptical Mirrors. To view graphs and more information about mirror substrates contact Rainbow Research Optics at 303-371-3000 or visit their web site at Receive a free quote today!

Best Optic Results At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics has over 15 years experience, you can count on.  Rainbow Research Optics provides optics with tremendous precision and coatings. They offer spherical lenses, mirrors, windows, and prisms, as well as wave plates, Beam splitter cubes, high damage coatings, and thin film polarizers. Visit today at for more information or questions.

Custom Coatings Available At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics offered standard and custom coatings.  They can offer narrow-band and broad-band AR coating, full and partial reflectors, filters, as well as beam splitter coatings. Rainbow Research Optics’ coating equipment includes resistance heated and electron beam evaporation sources.  Contact Rainbow Research Optics for all your optics needs and receive a free quote! Visit online at

High Quality Lens At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. offers many lens options and can quickly address customer requirements for fast lens prototyping. Stock materials are as follows: BK 7 and synthetic fused silica, e calcium fluoride (CaF2), germanium (Ge), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon (Si), zinc selenide (ZnSe), and zinc sulfide (ZnS).  Selecting a suitable optical material is critical to maximizing light transmitting through a lens element.  To select your lens visit online at today!

Rainbow Research Optics Offering Many Waveplates

Contact Rainbow Optics for all your waveplate needs. They offer Multiple-Order Quartz WaveplatesZero-Order Quartz Waveplates and Optical Beam Isolators to name a few.  For more information, Rainbow Optics provides a graph and specifications for each waveplate. To view these graphs or for more information about Rainbow Optics waveplates and their other optic services visit today!

High Customer Satisfaction At Rainbow Research Optics

Customer satisfaction is very important at Rainbow Research Optics. They have over 15 years of optic supplier experience. Rainbow Research Optics serves government, military contractors, aerospace companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and more! They deliver many quality optical components and systems.  For more information and to view their many capabilities visit