Rainbow Research Optics


Welcome to Rainbow!

Optical Components
and Coatings

Manufactured in Colorado since 1995!

Welcome to Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics (RRO) is an American Optics Manufacturer. We have been providing high quality optics to the defense, medical, commercial, and laser markets for over 15 years. We specialize in custom optics that are built to print. We work with prototype through production quantities.

We provide optics with extreme precision and custom coatings. In addition to general optics like spherical lenses, mirrors, windows, and prisms, we also specialize in other optical products such as wave plates, beam splitter cubes, high damage coatings, and thin film polarizers.

Substrates and Coatings
Manufactured In-House

for lenses, windows, mirrors, filters, beamsplitters, waveplates, polarizers, prisms, coating services, and more.

Why Choose Rainbow Research Optics?

UV through IR Custom Abilities

Optics and Coatings from Deep Ultraviolet through Far Infrared.

Unique Custom Products

Machined and Fabricated Optics per your design.

Expedited Orders Available

Custom Optics can be expedited by request, to meet strict deadlines.

Prototype to Mass Production

From 1-Off Prototypes through Production Quantities, we can meet your quantity requirements.

Opto-Mechanical Assembly Service

In house clean room areas and precision

Quick Quotes and Delivery

1-2 week delivery time and same day quotes.

Optical Coating Design

Using the newest technology and experience
we are able to design and deliver coatings
to meet your requirement.

ITAR Compliant

We keep ITAR, Government Regulated
Projects, and Communications,
Safe and Secure.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

Our Quality Systems are verified and confirmed every year by a 3rd party to ensure we meet
and exceed industry standards.