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Creating Custom Optics For Over 15 Years

Many Optical Coatings are offered at Rainbow Research Optics.  They offer Broadband Multilayer AR Coating, Laser Line V-Coating, Single Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating, High Reflector, 45 Degree Thin Film Polarizer Coating, beam splitting coating, and more.  To learn more about these optical coatings and their other services visit today!

For Speciality Optical Services Contact Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics offers many products.  They provide custom optics, Coatings, windows, Beamsplitters, Laser Mirrors,lens, wave plates, prisms and more.  Rainbow Research Optics offers these products with high quality standards and fast delivery of their products. This fast turnaround time can accommodate even immediate prototyping needs. For a free quote and more information visit today!

Rainbow Research Optics Offers Waveplates

Rainbow Optics offers many products including waveplates . They offer Multiple-Order Quartz WaveplatesZero-Order Quartz WaveplatesOptical Beam Isolators and more!  Rainbow Optics offers an online graph, plus detailed information for each waveplate. To view these graphs or for more information about Rainbow Optics waveplates and their other optic services visit

For Prisims Contact Rainbow Research Optics, Inc.

Rainbow Research Optics is an optical company offering many services including prisms. They offer Isosceles Brewster PrismsPorro PrismPenta PrismsCorner Cube PrismsDove Prisms and many more!  Rainbow Research Optics can help you will all your optical  needs. For more information visit online today at

Over 15 Years Of Experience – Rainbow Research Optics, Inc.

Rainbow Research Optics offers many Optical Coatings.  They have Broadband Multilayer AR Coating Laser Line V-Coating, Single Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating,High Reflector , 45 Degree Thin Film Polarizer Coating, Laser Line Double-V AR Coating and more.  For more information on these optical coatings or their other services visit today!

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Curious to see what is inside Rainbow Research Optics?  Come in and take a look for your self with a Factory Tour!  Get an inside look of Rainbow Research Optics: optical assembly, production capacity, technical capabilities, test-plates & grinding tools,  quality assurance and see more!  For more information on all capabilities and products Rainbow Research Optics offers visit

Immediate Prototyping At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics has many products available.  They provide custom optics, lens, Mirror Substrates,Beamsplitters, Laser Mirrors, Coatings, Wave Plates, prisms, windows and more.  Rainbow Research Optics has a very high quality standards and delivers products with fast turnaround times to accommodate immediate prototyping needs, just let them know your time frame. For a free quote visit

Top Quaility Products At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics offers many products and services including Mirror Substrates.  Rainbow Research Optics offers their customers: Plane Mirror BlanksConvex Spherical MirrorsConcave Spherical MirrorsSquare MirrorsRectangular Mirrors, and Elliptical Mirrors. To view graphs and more information about mirror substrates, visit