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Rainbow Optics of Denver Specialist in Optics

Rainbow Research Optics of Denver specializes in optics like spherical lenses, mirrors, windows, and prisms, we also specialize in other optical products such as wave plates, Beam splitter cubes, high damage coatings, and thin film polarizers.  Depending on your requirements, RROI is able to produce and deliver our optical products in 1-2 weeks. This fast delivery holds true for our custom optics and our standard off-the-shelf items. Our fast delivery system is due to our large stock of raw materials, our in-house machine shop used to fabricate any tool or fixture in a day, our thousands of test plates and grinding tools, hands-on experienced experts, and well-organized ISO 9001:2008 production flow. Material delivery is often the biggest slow down of lead-times. We are able to beat the lead times of our competitors because we use a proprietary method of maintaining appropriate levels of stock raw material. Because delivery times do vary on a per project basis, please request a quote to see how we can help you meet your required delivery schedule.  Visit our website at www.rainbowoptics.com and give us a call with any questions at 303-371-3000