Rainbow Research Optics Provides Services To Many Markets

Rainbow Research Optics Provides Services To Many Markets. Some of the markets that Rainbow Research Optics provides their services to are: Laser Manufacturers, Defense, Surveillance & Imaging, Semiconductor, Tele-communication, Medical, Space, Machine Vision, Precision Measurement, and Automobile & Industry.  Visit Rainbow Research Optics Today!

Rainbow Research Optics – Custom Coatings

Rainbow Research Optics offers a wide variety of standard coatings, as well as custom coatings.  They offer narrow-band and broad-band AR coatings, full and partial reflectors, filters, as well as beam splitter coatings.  You can request coatings as coated or non-coated, or standard or custom coating design. For more information on Rainbow Research Optics coatings call 303-371-300 and visit online at www.rainbowoptics.com.

Optical Needs – Contact Rainbow Research Optics of Colorado

Rainbow Research Optics is an American optics manufacturer located in Cenntial, Colorado. Rainbow Research Optics has over 15 years experience you can trust. Whether optics are needed for defense, medical, commercial, or the laser markets they offer quality work and fast shipping.  Rainbow Research Optics also specializes in custom optics and coatings to meet your specific requirements.  Visit  www.rainbowoptics.com for more information or call 303-371-3000 today!

Lens For Prototyping At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics, offers a large stock of optical materials for fast requirements, an excellent source for lens prototyping.   They offer a vast variety of lenses in their catalog.  They customize their lenses to exacting customer specifications. Rainbow Research Optics will respond quickly to your prototype request!  For more information visit www.rainbowoptics.com today.

Rainbow Research Optics With An Excellent Facility

Find out what’s is inside Rainbow Research Optics with their  online Factory Tour!  Rainbow Research Optics offers many optical services including: optical assembly, production capacity, technical capabilities, test-plates & grinding tools and see more!  Visit their web site for their factory tour and more information on all capabilities Rainbow Research Optics offers at www.rainbowoptics.com today.

Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. – For All Your Custom Optic Needs

Pick-Off Prism

Custom coatings are available at Rainbow Research Optics. Narrow-band & broad-band AR coatings, full & partial reflectors, filters, beam splitter coatings are all available. Rainbow Research Optics’ coating equipment includes resistance heated and electron beam evaporation sources.  Call Rainbow Research Optics for all your optics needs and receive a free quote at 303-371-3000.  Or for more information visit online at www.rainbowoptics.com today.

Rainbow Research Optics Offering Optical Assembly

In addition to its extensive optical fabrication capabilities, Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. now offers Optical Assembly for customers requiring a more robust mechanical interface between optical elements. Some Optical Assemblies also act as a relay within a larger optical system. These relay systems are often referred to as opto-mechanical subassemblies. They are ITAR Compliant and ISO 9001:2008 Registered. Rainbow Research Optics is a company with the expertise and experience you need.  Visit at www.rainbowoptics.com today!

Rainbow Research Optics Your Custom Optics Resource

Rainbow Research Optics offers many Optical Coatings.  They have Broadband Multilayer AR Coating Laser Line V-Coating, Single Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating,High Reflector , 45 Degree Thin Film Polarizer Coating, Laser Line Double-V AR Coating or beam splitting coating, and more.  For more information on these optical coatings or their other services visit www.rainbowoptics.com.

Fast Turnaround For Your Optic Needs – Rainbow Research Optics Delivers

Rainbow Research Optics has many products available.  They provide custom optics, lens, Mirror Substrates, Beamsplitters, Laser Mirrors, Coatings, Wave Plates, prisms, windows and more.  Rainbow Research Optics has a very high quality standards and delivers products with fast turnaround times to accommodate immediate prototyping needs, just let them know your time frame. For a free quote visit www.rainbowoptics.com.