Rainbow Research Optics Factory Tour

Curious as to what is going on inside Rainbow Research Optics?  Come in and take a look for your self with a Factory Tour!  Get an inside look of Rainbow Research Optics: optical assembly, production capacity, technical capabilities, test-plates & grinding tools,  quality assurance and see more!  For more information on all capabilities and products Rainbow Research Optics offers visit www.rainbowoptics.com.

Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. Job Opportunities Purchasing Agent, Human Resources, Coating Technician

Rainbow Research has job opportunities here in Denver, Colorado. Rainbow Research is looking for a full time team member in Human Resources, Purchasing Agent and a Coating Technician. If you are interested in any of these positions please email or fax your resume and cover letter to (303) 371-1333(fax) or e-mail to hr@rroptics.com. Or to learn more about Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. visit www.rainbowoptics.com

Rainbow Reasearch Optics, Inc. in Denver, Colorado

Rainbow Research Optics is an American Optics Manufacturer you can trust. They provide optics to the defense, medical, commercial, and laser markets. Rainbow Research Optics has over 15 years experience.  Rainbow Research Optics specializes in custom optics.  They provide optics with tremendous precision and coatings that will meet your requirements. Rainbow Research Optics has  spherical lenses, mirrors, windows, and prisms, as well as wave plates, Beam splitter cubes, high damage coatings, and thin film polarizers.  Please visit  www.rainbowoptics.com for more information or call 303-371-3000.

Rainbow Reasearch Optics, Inc. of Colorado

Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. is located in Centennial, Colorado. Rainbow Research Optics, Inc was founded in 1995, and they serve the united states as well as around the world. They provide high quality optics to defense, medical, laser and commercial markets.  Rainbow Research Optics’ systems have been audited and registered by ISO 9001:2008 standards and International Traffic in Arms Regulations Compliant.  To learn more about Rainbow Research Optics visit www.rainbowresearchoptics.com.

Why Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. of Denver?

Why choose Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. of Denver? Rainbow Research Optics is a company built to serve you. Rainbow Research Optics has Custom Abilities, Optics and Coatings. We have unique Custom Products either machined or fabricated optics and have opto-mechanical assembly service; As well as optical coating design.  We are ITAR, Government Regulated, ISO 9001:2008 Registered.   Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. carries many different optics from lenses to Polarizers to Beamsplitters to Laser Mirrors.  Call 303-371-3000 or visit www.rainbowoptics.com for more information or to request a quote.