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Waveplates and More Optic Services At Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Optics offers many products including waveplates . They offer Multiple-Order Quartz Waveplates, Zero-Order Quartz Waveplates, Optical Beam Isolators and more!  Rainbow Optics offers a graph and specifications and more information for each waveplate. To view these graphs or for more information about Rainbow Optics waveplates and their other optic services visit

Rainbow Optics Offering Beamsplitters and More!

One of the many products offered by Rainbow Optics are Beamsplitters. They offer High Energy, Harmonic Separators, Non-Polarizing Plate, Non-Polarizing Cube , High Energy PlateDichroic, and more!  Online they provide graph and specifications and more information to help when ordering for each Beamsplitter. To view these graphs and for more information about Rainbow Optics Beamsplitters visit

Mirror Substrates and More Products at Rainbow Research Optics

Rainbow Research Optics offers many products and services including Mirror Substrates.  Rainbow Research Optics offers their customers: Plane Mirror BlanksConvex Spherical MirrorsConcave Spherical MirrorsSquare MirrorsRectangular Mirrors, and Elliptical Mirrors. To view graphs and more information about mirror substrates contact Rainbow Research Optics at 303-371-3000 or visit their web site at Receive a free quote today!