Optical Filters, Optical Coating And More At Rainbow Optics

Rainbow Research Optics has over 15 years experience, you can count on. They offer many Optical Filters.  They also offer custom optics, windows, lens, Mirror Substrates, Beamsplitters,Laser Mirrors, Coatings, Wave Plates, Polarizers, Prizims and more! Rainbow Optics offers high quality standards and delivers products with fast turnaround times.  Visit today at www.rainbowoptics.com for more information or questions.

Rainbow Research Optics Are Your Number One Custom Optics Specialist

Rainbow Research Optics are your number one custom optics specialist. Rainbow Research Optics has the experience you need, with over 15 years of optic supplier experience. They have served government, military contractors, aerospace companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and more! Rainbow Research Optics will deliver quality optical components and systems, fabricated and tested to meet performance requirements.  Easily find exactly what you need at www.rainbowoptics.com.

Mirrors At Rainbow Research Optics, Inc.

Rainbow Research Optics carries laser mirrors and mirror substrates.  They offer many mirror substrates such as Plane Mirror Blanks, Convex Spherical Mirrors Blanks, Square Mirror Blanks, Rectangular Mirror Blanks, and more!  Rainbow Research Optics carries laser mirrors. They offer Partially Reflective Laser Mirrors, High Energy Excimer Laser Cavity Mirrors, Ar-Ion Laser Mirrors, and more! Visit Rainbow Research Optics today!

Rainbow Research Optics Offering Top Quality Lenses

Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. carries a wide range of lens products and can provide customers with fast lens prototyping. Rainbow Research Optics offers a wide range of stock materials.  They offer: BK 7 and synthetic fused silica, e calcium fluoride (CaF2), germanium (Ge), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon (Si), zinc selenide (ZnSe), and zinc sulfide (ZnS).  Selecting the right optical material is important for maximizing light transmitting through a lens element.  For all your prototyping lens needs call at 303-371-300 and visit online at www.rainbowoptics.com.