Many Optical Filters Available At Rainbow Research Optics

Contact Rainbow Research Optics for Optical Filters. They specialize in custom optics and more! Some of the optical filters that Rainbow Research Optics offers are: Interference Bandpass Filters, Reflective Neutral Density Filters, Absorptive Neutral Density Filters, Long Wave Pass Filters and Short Wave Pass Filters. Online you will find informational graphs for their optical filters and more information about Rainbow Research Optics. Visit today to see what Rainbow Research Optics can do for your company or group!

Optical Filters, Optical Coating And More At Rainbow Optics

Rainbow Research Optics has over 15 years experience, you can count on. They offer many Optical Filters.  They also offer custom optics, windows, lens, Mirror Substrates, Beamsplitters,Laser Mirrors, Coatings, Wave Plates, Polarizers, Prizims and more! Rainbow Optics offers high quality standards and delivers products with fast turnaround times.  Visit today at for more information or questions.