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Rainbow Research Optics, Inc Offers Custom Coatings

Rainbow Research Optics offers a wide variety of standard coatings for the optics listed within their Products Guide. They include narrow-band and broad-band AR coating, full and partial reflectors, filters, as well as beam splitter coatings. Most products are available coated or non-coated, and standard or custom coating designs. Their coating equipment includes resistance heated and electron beam evaporation sources.  Contact Rainbow Research Optics for all your optics needs at 303-371-300 and visit online at

Choose Rainbow Reasearch Optics, Inc.

Rainbow Research Optics provides its customers with UV through IR custom abilities can expedite orders, prototype to mass production, Opto-mechanical assembly and fast delivery. Rainbow Optics uses the latest technology in optical coating design. They are ITAR Compliant and ISO 9001:2008 Registered. Rainbow Research Optics is a company with the expertise and experience you need.  Visit today at

Rainbow Research Optics Factory Tour

Curious as to what is going on inside Rainbow Research Optics?  Come in and take a look for your self with a Factory Tour!  Get an inside look of Rainbow Research Optics: optical assembly, production capacity, technical capabilities, test-plates & grinding tools,  quality assurance and see more!  For more information on all capabilities and products Rainbow Research Optics offers visit