Custom Optics

Here at Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. (RROI) we focus on a more targeted wavelength ranges, from about 190 nm to 16 um. Our manufacturing capabilities include a wide range of optical components, including lenses, mirrors, windows, prisms, beamsplitters, filters, coatings, and more.

While we offer a catalog of standard components, the majority of our business comes from custom fabricated (and usually coated) components – made to your specific requirements.


Optical Products

Spherical lenses make up an important part of our product offering, for both laser and imaging applications. Spherical surfaces are among the most common in optics, since they are naturally produced. For all of your spherical lens requirements – standard and custom, contact RROI.

If your need is urgent, be sure to mention your schedule requirements. Often, we are able to run a small quantity of custom parts through our polishing shop very quickly to accommodate immediate prototyping needs. Our inventory always includes a range of standard optical glasses for exactly this purpose.




Zero-Order Quartz Waveplates
Multiple-Order Quartz Waveplates
Dual Wavelength Waveplates
Optical Beam Isolators
Polarization Rotators


Right Angle Prisms, Uncoated
Right Angle Bending Prisms
Right Angle Folding Prisms
Isosceles Brewster Prisms
Rhomboid Prisms
Equilateral Dispersing Prisms
Porro Prisms
Littrow Prisms
Penta Prisms
Corner Cube Prisms
Dove Prisms

Optical Filters

Interference Bandpass Filters
Reflective Neutral Density Filters
Absorptive Neutral Density Filters
Long Wave Pass Filters
Short Wave Pass Filters
Color Glass Bandpass Filters
Color Glass Longwave Sharp Cut Filters
Heat Control Filters
Heat Absorbing Filters


Spherical Lenses
Positive Bestform
Achromatic Doublet
Cylindrical Lenses


Plane Windows, Wedge 3 arc min, maximum
Parallel Windows, Wedge 10 arc sec, maximum
Interferometer Flats, Wedge 30 degrees +/- 5 arc min
Large Wedge Windows, Wedge 1, 2, or 3 degrees
Square Windows
Rectangular Windows
Elliptical Windows
Brewster Windows

Mirror Substrates

Plane Mirror Blanks
Convex Spherical Mirrors
Concave Spherical Mirrors
Square Mirrors
Rectangular Mirrors
Elliptical Mirrors

Laser Mirrors

Partial-Reflective Mirrors
High Energy Excimer Cavity
Excimer Laser, ArF2 (193nm)
Excimer Laser, KrF2 (248nm)
Excimer Laser, XeCl (308nm)
Excimer Laser, XeF (351-353nm)
High Energy Excimer/He-Ne Laser Mirrors
Nitrogen Laser Mirrors (337nm)
He-Cd Laser Mirrors
Argon Ion Laser Mirrors
Copper-Vapor Laser Mirrors
He-Ne Laser Mirrors (632.8nm)
Ruby Laser Mirrors (694.3nm)
Alexandrite Laser Mirrors
Nd: YAG Laser Mirrors
Nd: YLF Laser Mirrors
Nd: YAG Mirrors
Diode Laser Mirrors
Forsterite (1235nm), iodine (1315nm) Laser Mirrors
Er :Glass Laser Mirrors (1540nm)
Tm:YAG(2010nm), Ho:YAG (2100nm) Laser Mirrors
Er:YAG Laser Mirrors (2940nm)
0-45 deg Visible Laser Mirrors
0-45 deg Diode Laser Mirrors
Aluminum Mirrors
Protected Silver & Gold Mirrors


Non-Polarizing Plate B/S
Broadband 50:50 Plate B/S
High Energy Plate B/S
Partially Reflective Cube B/S
Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters
High Energy Harmonic Separators
Dichroic B/S


UV Polarizing Cube B/S
Thin Film Plate Polarizers
Polarizing Cube B/S
High Energy Polarizing Cube B/S
Broadband Polarizing Cube B/S


45 Degree Thin Film Polarizer Coating
Single Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating
Laser Line V-Coating
Double-V AR Coating
Broadband Multilayer AR Coating
Laser Line High Reflector
Partial Reflector
Edge Pass Coating
Beamsplitter Coating
Metallic Coating